Franchising as safe business development

Variety of business models

There are many business models, which can help to increase business performance and bring new insights, some of them are easy to maintain and some of them harder. But all of them can help to avoid certain risks and make the company’s activities safer. Furthermore, few business models help with the expansion and creation of the recognizable brand. All these things help to make sales better and increase the company’s productivity.


One of such business models, which help to make business more effective is franchising. Opening a franchise can seriously assist in the development and expansion, as franchisor should only maintain the infrastructure and good connection to the company and increase the brand recognizability to make franchise effective and other things will fall upon the shoulders of the franchisee. Though franchisees require certain support, working with them and delegating some responsibilities can help company to expand and use the new insights, which will be provided by franchisee. And there are even important benefits, which can be got from the franchising and they are listed below.

Delegating of responsibilities

Having franchising, franchisor can easily delegate the important features of the company direction on the franchisees. Even having small base company can help increase the influence through the multiple affiliates, which effectively produce revenues. Furthermore, direction of franchisees is much easier than maintaining company’s policy and coordination of all affiliates with huge company.

salone franchising ottobre 2015

Proven Business Model

There are situation, when small business can feel the need to expand the influence and reaching new markets and creation of new business branches or opening of new businesses can be risky thing. Therefore, there are franchising that can help to place the business affiliate in other countries or cities to reach new markets. Furthermore, franchisor can try something new in such franchises to find some effective option for the base business, without placing it under risks. This business model is good and recognized by many businesses, so it works in other locations, but with the developed infrastructure, otherwise, even franchising cannot provide enough benefits.

Brand recognition

Many people don’t know how to make the ads better and they try to increase recognizability through the working on the creation of the good brand and good advertisement. However, franchising can increase the recognizability even better than even good advertisement. This effect is connected to the expansion of the brand and to increasing of the people, which purchase or order something in affiliates. McDonalds in such a way increased the recognizability of the shops. All people know what this company does and having one fast-food restaurant with good advertisement could not produce so effective increasing of customers, which associate the fast-food with this company. One can just hire managers and build new stores, however, such strategy is expensive and requires enough of capital to spend.
Therefore, franchising is quite effective way to make business stronger and to increase sales. Furthermore, working in the franchising can free some time and efforts to the base business and its development and franchises will help to get resources for such development.

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AMIDA plus production

Strong need for cardboard products

There is a strong need of production from cardboard because this one is dependable material that can help to create really useful things for goods packing or production. Cardboard folders can be used for the storage of important information and packing paper is indispensable when there is a need of packing of something.

Cardboard packing

Latter can be used by companies, which produce something that should be stored or delivered and cardboard packing is common way to minimize damages, which can be induced during delivering process or storage.

Binders, folders

Furthermore production of binders or file folders are necessary for all offices and maintaining the effective office functioning requires such production.

Advertisement production

Many businesses can also get benefits from the advertisement production or even book cases, which are produced almost from the same material.

Variety of products

All these things can be produced by AMIDA plus as it has all equipment and production facilities to maintain the stable and quality production of such means of packing or storage. And these ones are samples of excellent production services, which can be provided for any company that needs such products.

Young company

Being a relatively young company AMIDA plus tried to maintain the modern technology production with consideration of all necessary things, which can predetermine the successful creation of various types of printing matters, as it is the main specialization of AMIDA plus. Considering the benefits from expansion to other countries, company plans to build new complex that will allow extension of services, which provide now AMIDA plus. With new services, it will definitely conquer the market of printing art.

Production facilities

Considering the production facilities, they are specially designed for such kind of production process and have bought just after their manufacturing. It means that AMIDA plus uses only quality facilities, which are contains modern technology of producing printing matters and other materials alike. Current course of company directed on the constant development of production facilities, adding more producing mechanisms to the existent base and increasing of the place that is dedicated to plants.

Constant development approach

There is a special philosophy that is penetrated all kinds of AMIDA plus activities, it related to products of it too. This philosophy lies in the adding something better to all processes, which are maintained in company, adding more products, services to existent ones. With such course of extension of services, company will get much more customers, than other ones, which have strict course on some production. Expansion of the company’s production facilities and increasing of market influence can help to dramatically increase numbers of production that can be created per year, meaning that AMIDA plus can fully satisfy need of the printing matters and various packing materials. And further company’s work will be directed to export all products, which will appear in several years.
Coupling all these positive moments and outstanding quality with good relationships with clients and customers’ oriented policy that works in all aspects of company functioning can make a difference in market of printing matters.

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Milano v1.3.5 – Responsive Magento Theme + Blog Extension

If you`re interested in coordinated work of the site, you can always get this clean and elegant premium Magento theme and build your e-commerce store in just few clicks.
The theme is very simple to install, really has one-click installation, 24 product list view styles, unlimited colors, cloud zoom, light box and many more options will give you the ultimate freedom to tailor this theme to your preferences in just a minute.Choose between mosaic, 2 and 3 column view for the product list page, include videos and a brand image with every product to increase sales.

Let`s talk about the theme design, though.

  • 8 Predefined colors – you don’t need to spend time customizing if you don’t need to
  • Unlimited colors – change them exactly as you want from the control panel
  • Mosaic grid view mode – show your products in an exciting yet elegant way to increase sales
  • Large image in the product page – because a picture is worth a thousand words
  • Mobile compatible – your customers will be able to browse your store with any mobile device.

Author: ShopShark

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Magento eCommerce

eCommerce – iPhone Optimized Theme

Specially designed for viewing on smart phones like iPhone, Blackberry or Android was the mCommerce – iPhone Optimized Theme developed. It comes from Magento core and is an adaptation of the standard template. The theme, like all other themes of Magento Core under the Academic Free License (AFL).magento-open-source-ecommerce-2015

Magento Classic Theme

A very nice effect has the Magento Classic Theme. It is compatible with all major browsers and impresses with its modern deisgn. In addition, the theme is available in ten different colours.

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Why we choose social media ?

Why people prefer social media than the real contact?

Last night’s meeting of Social Media Club Phoenix veered off into a very interesting direction. During the introductions around the room, one of the attendees said that he wondered if social media were actually dehumanizing, filtering communication and removing it from the realm of face-to-face. The facilitator allowed the discussion to come back to that question, even though the “agenda” was about the various tools of social media.

There were some very vociferous opinions about the dehumanizing qualities of, say, online gaming or social networks, as opposed to the humanizing qualities of blogs, shared content, and shared information. No conclusion could be drawn, obviously, but the question attracted quite a bit of discussion.
Squidoo came up in the discussion as a collaborative, unifying force, as did Utube.

I gave my usual example of sharing the information about my hip replacement in a blog and another attendee asked how people on the Internet were to judge which information was credible on a site or social network consisting of, for example, people trying to get off anti-depressants.

I think the reason so many issues of credibility, rather than technology, came up is that our participants are about half social media experts and half people there to learn. While that strikes me as an ideal situation, it’s very difficult to facilitate so that everyone comes out with some value! Those of us who are engaged in producing and using social media every day often forget how the world at large feels about us 🙂

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