The Flip-Light portable counters?

Portable counter by Flip Light

The Flip Light portable counter is one of the most successful ad market products. There is a wide variety of different stands on the market. But the Flip-Light series is truly remarkable and very different from anything else that has been offered so far.

What are the advantages of this product?

  • Foldable light construction that can be mounted and retracted in seconds;
  • Textile image and easy image change, so you can use it for all purposes and with different branding;
  • Incredibly built-in lighting that not only allows you to use the stand for events in the dark, but also gives a very beautiful vision of your performance;
  • Compact product, light and easy to carry.

    Portable counter

    Portable counter by Flip Light

The stand has won the approval of all the advertising and promotional teams that have used it so far. With him, preparations for any type of events are now much lighter. No special effort and engineering training is required to fit and then to fold the stand. Carrying it in a handbag that comes with the product.
This is the universal “fighter” at the front of the ad. It has a truly multifunctional use for all types of events – exhibitions, fairs, promotions, conferences, meetings, presentations, corporate presentations, meeting place, and what not. Quality innovative lighting makes it possible for the booth to be used in the dark of the day, for example to conduct marketing events in discos, restaurants, cigarette and alcohol stores.
The stand saves money. With its compact size it can be placed anywhere. And everywhere it will be very noticeable because of its special design and its good illumination. You do not need the cost of designing special stands, nor will you waste time on it.
The bag in which the product is carried is of compact size, comfortable and elegant. Therefore, the stand can be quickly and easily transferred manually for any event and equally seamlessly picked up after the event.

More information about our portable counter:

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